Gifts In Kind Through Good360

Through PCFAPA's membership in Good360, we receive local retail donations from local retail stores. This model allows retailers to donate directly from individual stores to us a partner charity in their communities. This retail partnership allows smaller charities like ours to get products straight from local businesses on a regular, ongoing basis (which almost always means significant savings in transportation costs), and establishes critical connections between retailers and charities in the places where the company’s employees live and work.

Many of the nicest items we pull from the partnership donations and set aside for chance raffling to the members as a reward for those that attend the meetings, and attendance at the end of the meeting is required to win the raffle.


By invitation only, our members will periodically be invited to a "shopping day" at our storage unit to pick from the items donated through our partnership with Good360.

Only PCFAPA families may shop for their own home. No bringing of friends, selling the product in any way or form at any time. Giving these products to non-members only by written request to and received from the PCFAPA Board.

The products must be stored at a non-residence until they are distributed to our member homes via a shopping day or a random raffle drawing at our meetings.